Initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), MEFMA is a non-profit professional body aimed at unifying the facility management industry in the Middle East. MEFMA provides a standardised framework for FM professionals, wider construction industry stakeholders and building owners/occupiers across the Middle East and aims at the significant components of strategic FM to be promoted, supported and implemented by MEFMA and its members.

MEFMA focus groups
The purpose of the focus group initiatives is to explore the critical issues facing the industry and wider stakeholders. Selected by MEFMA, team members are assigned a specific issue on a given topic commensurate with their skill set and experience. Initial goals and objectives are agreed upon and a time frame set for submission. 

MEFMA certified training and knowledge sharing
Get ahead of the competition with fully certified MEFMA accredited FM training courses.

MEFMA conferences and networking events
Tasked with reaching out to members and governments across the Middle East association conferences, open days and networking events aim to help shape a sustainable built environment to further socio-economic development now, and for future generations.

MEFMA is on a sustainable mission…

Using MEFMA as a platform, FM professionals throughout the Middle East advance the practice of efficiently developing, maintaining and operating the built environment and attendant communities. 

‘Together we can build a sustainable Middle East’