Dr. Sufana AlMashhadi

Director of Innovation Center, King Fahad Medical City & Research Affiliate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
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11 Feb 2020 | 18:00 -18:30 | Panel Discussion: The secret to a successful disruption of the current healthcare system

26 Apr 2019 | 7:00:00 AM -9:00:00 AM | Panel Discussion: Test 2 Event First

25 Apr 2019 | 10:00:00 PM -11:00:00 PM | Panel Discussion: Test Event Third

25 Apr 2019 | 10:00:00 PM -11:00:00 PM | Panel Discussion: Test Event Third

25 Apr 2019 | 10:00:00 PM -11:00:00 PM | Panel Discussion: Test Event Third

25 Apr 2019 | 10:00:00 PM -11:00:00 PM | Panel Discussion: Test Event Third

26 Apr 2019 | 7:00:00 AM -9:00:00 AM | Panel Discussion: Test 2 Event First

26 Apr 2019 | 7:00:00 AM -9:00:00 AM | Panel Discussion: Test 2 Event First

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Dr. Sufana AlMashhadi is the Director of The Innovation Center at King Fahad Medical City, directing the center’s efforts towards putting humans at the center of healthcare innovation, and contributing in a global shift in the current model of care.

Prior to this leadership position, Sufana has worked for one year, as a postdoctoral fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Sloan School of Management where she remains maintaining this prestigious affiliation till date.

As a leader of Healthcare innovation in the Middle East, Sufana’s ultimate goal is to energize and connect the best minds across the health ecosystem in Saudi Arabia’s Health and Technology sectors to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges and to teach healthcare entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia and digital strategies to scale medicine in the Kingdom. Sufana strongly believes in the power of social interaction in an organization and that implementing the right culture is the tool for a successful strategy execution and operational effectiveness.

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